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This is the Mobile-Friendly version of our websites, covering Postgraduate Diploma, PG Cert, Dip - PG Courses. Our Postgraduate Programmes & Courses include: Human Resource Management (HRM)M; Property Law; Value Engineering; Commercial Law; Financial Risk Management; Travel & Protocol Management; Events Management; Accounting; Finance; Anti-Dumping, Anti-Subsidy; Trade In Services; Training Needs Analysis; Organizational Design: Structuring; Employment Law; Consumer Law; Legal HR Support; Client Care; Research Methods; Petroleum – Oil & Gas – Accounting; Upstream Oil & Gas Operation & Contracts; Executive Management; Time Management; Diversity Management; Project Management; Business Administration; Business Management; Team Leadership.

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Among our delivery locations are Abuja, Accra, Amman, Bangkok, Banjul, Beirut, Birmingham, Bogotá, Brasilia, Brunei, Brussels, Bucharest, Cairo, Colombo, Conakry, Dodoma,  Doha, Dubai, Durban, Gaborone, Georgetown, Hanoi, Islamabad, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kathmandu, Kigali, Kinshasa, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Lagos, Lima, London, Luanda, Lusaka, Manama, Manila, Maputo, Maseru, Muscat, Nairobi, New Delhi, New York, Niamey, Paramaribo, Paris, Quito, Rabat, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Tripoli, Windhoek, Wolverhampton, etc. and Online.

This graphics is a Link to Details of the  General Diploma offered by HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute, as Access to Diploma – Postgraduate, Postgraduate Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma.
This graphics is a Link to Details of the  Featured Diploma – Postgraduate, Postgraduate Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma, offered by HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute.
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We are a Postgraduate Training Institute, Verified by, and Registered with, the UK’s Department for Education (DfE).

Our Services Include: Training Packs; Organisational Structuring & Restructuring; Employee Satisfaction Surveys; Research & Research Support; Research Coaching; Diversity Management Consultancy; Business & Management Consultancy; and Employee Training and Development.  With respect to Employee Training and Development, we pride ourselves on the expertise with which we deliver Human Resource Management, Management Development, and Executive Development, towards Career Enhancement and eventual Organisational Effectiveness, achieved through Micro-Organisational Development and Macro-Organisational Development effort.

Understanding Our Postgraduate Credit System for:  

Postgraduate Diploma;   

Postgraduate Certificate;   

Postgraduate Short Courses; 


Credit-Value; and 

Accumulated Credit-Hours. 


Credit-Hours and Credit-Values 

Credit-Hours are the actual amount of time that a lecturer or tutor spends with his or her students or delegates, in both Classroom-based and Video-Enhanced Deliveries. Each Five-Day Classroom-Based, or Ten-Day Video-Enhanced (3 hours per day) Course consists of 30 Credit-Hours, while a 6-Day Classroom-based course amounts to 36 Credit-Hours. Because Credit-Values are calculated in multiples of 30 Credit-Hours, 60-89 Credit-Hours have a Double-Credit (2 Credit) value, while 90 Credit-Hours earn a Triple-Credit (3 Credits).    

Your Postgraduate Award Awaits: Postgraduate Diploma; Postgraduate Certificate; Diploma Postgraduate (Short Course).

Postgraduate Diploma Award 

A Postgraduate Diploma Award is achieved with a minimum of 360 Credit-Hours, through continuous study, or an accumulation of Credit-Hours.  Its duration is 12 weeks via Classroom-Based, or 20 weeks' Synchronous (Video-Enhanced) Online, Delivery.

Postgraduate Certificate Award  

A Postgraduate Certificate might be gained with a minimum of 180 Credit-Hours, through continuous study or Credit-Hours' accumulation.  Its duration is 6 Weeks’ Intensive Classroom-Based; or 10 Weeks’ Video-Enhanced (Synchronous) Online, Tuition.

Postgraduate Short Courses (Diploma – Postgraduate - Awards)  

A delegate who successfully completes a Postgraduate Short Course of 30 or more Credit-Hours, but which is less than 180 Credit-Hours (Postgraduate Certificate), is awarded a Diploma – Postgraduate. A Five-day Classroom-Based, or Ten-day Video-Enhanced (Synchronous) Online, Tuition earns a Diploma-Postgraduate, 30 Credit Hours. These Awards are assigned Credit-Values and Credit-Hours, as are exemplified below:  

Diploma – Postgraduate – in Organisational Change Management, 30 Credit-Hours;  

Diploma - Postgraduate - in Trainer Training: Training for Trainers, Double-Credit, 60 Credit-Hours: 

Property Law: Conveyancing and Property Valuation, Quad-Credit, 120 Credit-Hours: 

Diploma – Postgraduate – in University and Higher Education Administration, Triple-Credit, 90 Credit-Hours; 

Diploma – Postgraduate – in Tourism and International Relations, Quad-Credit, 120 Credit-Hours.  

Cumulative Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma.   

All Postgraduate Short Courses accumulate to a Postgraduate Certificate and a Postgraduate Diploma, on a ‘Pic and Mix’ or Specialist basis. This means that we maintain academic records for each delegate, indicating the courses studied, with their Credit-Value and Credit-Hours, as are indicated above, under ‘Postgraduate Short Course Awards’. The Credit-Hours are aggregated to accumulate to at least 180 and 360 Credit-Hours, for a Postgraduate Certificate and a Postgraduate Diploma, respectively. Each Short Course Award (below a Postgraduate Certificate) indicates both the Credit-Value and Credit-Hours.   

Accumulated Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma Award Titles 

All Specialist Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes have predetermined Award Titles. Please click to view and download our List of Specialist Postgraduate Certificate, and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes.  Delegates who do not follow a specialism, for accumulation to a Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma,   receive a Generalist, rather than a Specialist, Award. However, a Specialist Award is given to delegates who studied at least seventy percent (70%) of their courses in a specialist grouping, as are  exemplified by: 

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance;

Postgraduate Certificate in Accounting and Finance;

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Communication;

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Communication;

Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance;

Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Governance;

Postgraduate Diploma in Costing and Budgeting;

Postgraduate Certificate in Costing and Budgeting;

Postgraduate Diploma in Client or Customer Relations;

Postgraduate Certificate in Client or Customer Relations;

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering and Technical Skills;

Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering and Technical Skills;

Postgraduate Diploma in Events Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Events Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Safety Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Safety Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Care Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Care Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Development;

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Development;

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Communications Technology (ICT);

Postgraduate Certificate in Information and Communications Technology (ICT);

Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Skills;

Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership Skills;

Postgraduate Diploma in Law – International and National;

Postgraduate Certificate in Law – International and National;

Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Management Skills;

Postgraduate Certificate in Management Skills;

Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Studies;

Postgraduate Certificate in Maritime Studies;

Postgraduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Operation;

Postgraduate Certificate in Oil and Gas Operation;

Postgraduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Accounting;

Postgraduate Certificate in Oil and Gas Accounting;

Postgraduate Diploma in Politics and Economic Development;

Postgraduate Certificate in Politics and Economic Development;

Postgraduate Diploma in Procurement Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Procurement Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration;

Postgraduate Certificate in Public Administration;

Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Quality Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Real Estate Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Real Estate Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods and Report Writing;

Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods and Report Writing;

Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management;

Postgraduate Certificate in Risk Management;

Postgraduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing;

Postgraduate Certificate in Sales and Marketing;

Postgraduate Diploma in Travel, Tourism, and International Relations.

Postgraduate Certificate in Travel, Tourism, and International Relations.

 The actual courses studied will be detailed in a student or delegate’s Transcript.

Click To Download List of Specialist Postgraduate Certificate and  Postgraduate Diploma Awards

Doctor of Philosophy {(PhD) {University College London (UCL) - University of London)};

MEd Management (University of Bath);

Postgraduate (Advanced) Diploma Science Teacher Ed. (University of Bristol);

Postgraduate Certificate in Information Systems (University of West London, formerly Thames Valley University);

Diploma in Doctoral Research Supervision, (University of Wolverhampton);

Teaching Certificate;

Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Human Resources Specialist, of the Institute of Management Specialists;

Member of the Asian Academy of Management (MAAM);

Member of the International Society of Gesture Studies (MISGS);

Member of the Standing Council for Organisational Symbolism (MSCOS);

Member of ResearchGate;

Executive Member of Academy of Management (AOM). There, his contribution incorporates the judging of competitions, review of journal articles, and guiding the development of conference papers. He also contributes to the Disciplines of:

Human Resources;

Organization and Management Theory;

Organization Development and Change;

Research Methods;

Conflict Management;

Organizational Behavior;

Management Consulting;

Gender & Diversity in Organizations; and

Critical Management Studies.

Professor Dr. Crawford has been an Academic in the following UK Universities:

University of London (Royal Holloway), as Research Tutor;

University of Greenwich (Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

University of Wolverhampton, (Wolverhampton Business School), as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management;

London Southbank University (Business School), as Lecturer and Unit Leader.

His responsibilities in these roles included:

Doctoral Research Supervisor;

Admissions Tutor;

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor;

Programme Leader;

Personal Tutor.

He is formerly an Expatriate at:

Ministry of Education, Sokoto, Nigeria;

Ministry of Science and Technical Education, Sokoto, Nigeria;

University of Sokoto, Nigeria;

College of Education, Sokoto, Nigeria; and

Former Editor-In-Chief of ‘Sokoto Journal of Education’.